We all want our children to be happy in school and excited about learning. We want our children to experience how to learn, think and be creative, which we believe are the most vital skills they will need throughout their lives.


The world is changing rapidly and our children will be entering a world of open-ended opportunities. Thomas Friedman wrote in the New York Times, the job market “will require our kids not so much to find their next job as to invent their next job.” While cultures and technologies change, the way humans come into this world and the predictable stages of development they will experience remains constant. Montessori education specializes in guiding children through these stages of growth and helping them learn in interactive and integrative ways that unleash each child’s greatest potential.


Children find learning in a Montessori environment comfortable, enjoyable and engaging. Class materials are designed to be motivating and compatible with how the brain works at each age. Children are naturally curious and inclined toward self-management: these characteristics are fostered in a Montessori classroom, developing into a work ethic that is notable among Montessori students.


Dr. Maria Montessori viewed education as not just a means of transmitting knowledge but as a way to support the full development of children as individuals and as members of a community. The Montessori classroom is a microcosm of society, made up of mixed ages and depending on empathy and cooperation to function smoothly.


Tucson Jewish Montessori is devoted to using Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy to also enhance Jewish education.


As Jewish educators and parents, we have strong requirements for our children’s education. We expect them to be academically successful in their secular subjects and to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of Jewish tradition, which starts at an early age. What Maria Montessori discovered, and every Montessori school has since reinforced, is that children will succeed and thrive when their individual learning needs are met in the classroom. We believe that the time has come to offer this opportunity to the Jewish children of Tucson.

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