Tucson Jewish Montessori is a private early learning agency, licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. We offer school-day and extended day preschool and kindergarten for Jewish children ages 1 to 8. Tucson Jewish Montessori programs are fee based and parents pay tuition for these services; however, scholarships are available.



Tucson Jewish Montessori is distinguished by a commitment to excellence in both Jewish and general Studies, as well as by the embrace of science, art, literature, and the philosophy that we believe is consistent with both Jewish tradition and the Montessori method. Our guiding philosophy is "Guide the child according to his/her path" which promotes an unshakable belief in the "total child" - social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual - and enables the child to discover his/her fullest potential. We foster each child's natural love of learning. We are dedicated to help our children develop the positive habits, ethics, attitudes and skills which pave the way for a lifetime of growth. 


Tucson Jewish Montessori is committed to providing a full range of Montessori materials and curriculum, as well as extra curricular activities that act as a supplement to the foundational ideas of the Montessori method.​

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Come join Tucson Jewish Montessori for an interactive day of learning!  You are invited to visit and witness the rich daily experience of our students.

Now accepting tax credit

Now accepting tax credit through IBE. Please call us for more information!

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